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Law schools are wild so it's only wise to step in with your best smile and each one of your law school supplies. But wait- you do not know what they are? You’re at the right place so stop biting your nails and read on to know all that you need and get to packing!

Top 10 must-have law school supplies

Here’s a list of the entire school supplies checklist you need to survive law school.

1.  Laptop

Just about everything in law school is done digitally. A task as simple as making notes is done electronically and so are exams. Besides, even videos of professors giving lectures are published on the internet for the students to take classes from. As part of a seminar, some lecturers may need you to engage on an online platform.


Therefore, if you aren't used to typing, now is an excellent opportunity to try to improve it. Besides, it's not even a hassle now to purchase a laptop. You can even get fantastic deals and get low-cost well-working laptops with a valid .edu email address.


However you do not need to fret, handwriting tests are an option too, although most of the law students choose to type their answers.

2.  Laptop bag and backpack

A laptop is a portable device you bring every day with you to each class and it's not a task you can do without the extra help. As a result, it's a good idea to invest in a sturdy laptop bag or backpack which is quite useful for transporting hefty books.


Messenger bags are available in a variety of forms, from leather to canvas. There are various types of backpacks available online if you choose to buy one. We recommend investing in a durable bag or backpack because those heavy books aren’t going to carry themselves!

3.  Pencils, pen, and highlighters

Most students scribble in their books and highlight important passages. To make it easier to read cases a good law student keeps a supply of highlighters and pens on hand. Students often use different colors to highlight and underline to keep track of the issue, facts, the case's ruling, and the facts that are critical to the court's judgment.


A few professors may prepare tests that have, both, a multiple-choice component and an essay portion. You'll be scribbling your responses on a Scantron test sheet with a No. 2 pencils if you're answering multiple-choice questions. So don't forget to buy these products now rather than later in the semester.

4.  Flash drive

A flash drive will bring you peace, no joke! As a proficient law student, you must print your outlines beforehand because most law schools enable students to print a fixed amount of pages per semester. Printing from a flash drive is more convenient. Furthermore, saving essential papers in multiple locations is usually a smart thing to do!

5.  Day planner/agenda

The day planner/agenda is the next best thing on your law school to-buy list that will steady your nerves and keep you in the loop of events. Because your days will be jam-packed, this planner sets a calendar to help you stay on track with lectures, extracurricular activities, meetings, interviews, and vacations.

6.  Bookstand

To be a student of law and not have a bookstand should be a criminal offence. It is a shock to the system how often students overlook the bookstand, an item that would make your life so much simpler. Recognizing a law student with their hunchbacks is all but extremely demeaning.


Hence as you read your supplements, casebooks, and outlines, a bookstand aids in supporting your posture. So now say goodbye to the backaches, shoulder stiffness, and neck pains as you study all night long with a quick purchase of this godsend item made just for law students.

7.  Padfolio

Padfolios are smaller than portfolios and are made to carry under the arm or within a bag or briefcase. So impress the interviewer with not just your skills and communication but the smart law school supplies you flaunt as well!


It does not take up space in your hand; however, it is spacious enough to store all the essential things like your pen, business cards, notepad, and copies of your resume in one place. Hence as you strut in with more organized and professional confidence and less mess, you’ll automatically set a potent impression.


A padfolio will aid in the organization of your crucial paperwork and you can get them at just $20 on the internet.

8.  Binders

A set of binders is one of the very essential law school supplies. You'll have a lot of materials for each subject by the conclusion of the semester, all of which you'll use to study. Also, you'll have your handouts, notes, outline, or readings with you. Making a binder for each class is a great method to keep track of all of your study materials. This method of document organization is very useful for open-book exams.


On the final exam, some professors let you use your outlines and notes. You can much more efficiently flip through all of your documents to find what you need to answer a question if you make a well-organized binder. You don't want to be dealing with loose documents that are prone to fall or become disorganized.

9.   Two interview outfits

Make sure you have a minimum of two interview outfits on hand. The last thing you want to do the day before an interview or a callback is hurry to the store, hunting for a tie, suit, heels, or heels. If your suit requires alterations, make sure you have them done ahead of time. You should concentrate on preparing for the interview rather than worrying about your business dress.


Instead, research about the organization and figure out the answers to the most frequently asked interview questions.

10.              Workout gear

Workout gear or other stress relievers are the final items on our law school supplies list. Yes, law school is demanding. As a result, you must take frequent pauses.


So make an effort to exercise at least once a week and ensure it's something you enjoy doing. Also stock up on any stress relievers you might need like yoga, for example. Thereby, add in a yoga mat and all the useful supplies to get your Kama sutra going and mediate through the stress.


Good luck packing all the law school supplies and having the safest semester you’ve ever experienced.