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Introduction Recyclebin:
When we work on a lot of computers and save a lot of data, files and documents in the computer. If our data is suddenly deleted, it makes us cry. Even after a lot of hard work, the documents do not come to light.  So it makes your heart beat faster. Because it involves your hard work day and night. It has happened to me many times. It will happen to you sometime or other. Or it will happen to you in the future. But no problem, today I will tell you the solution. I will tell you a software that can help you get back your lost data. 

If you look at your computer.  So any data or file that is deleted in our computer is immediately returned to the folder containing the recycle bin. Students already have the recycle bin installed in each of your computers because the lost data or any pictures are stored in it.  Done and you don't have any problem. Now the thing to think about is that God willing, if the data from my folder with recycle bin is also lost, then I will tell you a software whose name is  This software is known as wondershare recover. With the help of this software, your hassle will be eliminated.

Recover Deleted Files or Folders from Recycle Bin: 

1. Open the Recycle Bin by double-clicking on its icon on the Desktop.

 2. Locate and select the deleted file(s) | folder(s) that you need to restore.

 3. Right-click the selected item & choose "Restore".