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Cash App allows peer to peer payment solutions to send and receive payments without any hassle. Since the transfers are instant, so it helps in a lot of cases when you’re in urgent need of money. Since we may do few actions urgently, then there might be a case when you accidentally sent money to the wrong person in Cash App. And you want to know what might be done to get the money back or reverse the same transaction to have the amount back in your Cash App account. Such issues are very common while making payments and can be resolved by taking some easy steps. Here with this article we will walk you through the step by step guide and have the Cash App money back in your account.

Before we begin, we need to know what happens when you send money via Cash App?

Cash App is an app that provides faster and easier payment methods all over the USA. It just takes a couple of seconds for the receiver to receive the money when you hit send. 

So the question is what happens if I send money to the wrong person in Cash App?

Though all the payments are instant, there are cases when you can cancel the payment. But that option is not always available, only a few transactions may have the option to cancel payment, and this option comes when we detect suspicious or unusual payment behaviour.

So if you have sent money to the wrong person in Cash App and then cases are that you can get the cancel payment options in your transaction history. If not, then here are the methods to get your money back.


How to find “cancel a payment” option?


·         Open the Cash App on your mobile phone.

·         Now on the first screen, go to the bottom right option, which is an activity option.

·         Now choose the transaction which you want to cancel.

·         If you see the Cancel Payment option, you need to click on it.

·         And give the necessary details, your transaction should be refunded.


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What is the refund timeline?

Usually, the Cash App refunds the amount within 3 working days, but in some instances, it can go up to 7 days as we need to do the verification to check whether or not the Refund was intentional.

What if you don’t see the cancel payment option?

In that case, you need to get in touch with the recipient and ask them to refund the amount. If the receive is intended to refund the amount then by following these steps then receiver can credit the amount back:


·         Open Cash App on their mobile phone.

·         Go to the bottom right option, which is Activity Tab.

·         Choose the payment (done from your end).

·         Now on the top right corner, click on three dots.

·         And then tap on Refund.

·         Click OK and provide details.

·         Now the money should be refunded.

There might also be a case that you send money to the wrong person in Cash App, and the person isn’t willing to pay back. In that case, you should know that the Cash App is not liable to refund the amount, as it was done from your side with proper credentials, so making a refund from our end is not possible.


But don’t worry, you should connect with the Cash App Refund number immediately to get the solution for “I sent money to the wrong person in Cash App?”