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Learn angular 6 in 40 minutes

Angular 6:

Angular is a javascript framework for building single-page apps/applications(SPAs) and web development in typescript which is a superset of javascript. In Angular when we change any component then instant display without page refresh or reload.

Angular provides many bulletin features 

  • HTTP services
  • Animation and materials(auto-complete,toolbar,navigation,menus etc.)

Angular 6 code is written in typescript but the same code runs on javascript then both are the same output in the browser. Agular best framework for front-end development. Angular framework regularly updated of Google.

Note: Angular 6 is totally based on components (Child and parent component).

Before starting to learn Angular 6 knowledge:

  • Visual Studio IDE
  • AngularJS
  • Javascript
  • Server side-programming

Features of Angular 6:

  • consistency
  • Maintainability
  • Reusability
  • Catch errors early
  • CLI
  • Productivity

Now start Angular 6


Install Angular 6: 

Angular 6 install through CLI(command line interface).

  1. Open CLI and write this command
 >npm -v

        2. If show error then installs NodeJS.After install then again open CLI.

 >npm install -g @angular/cli         ///For install npm
 ng new kodlogs                   //create new project
                                 //ng  = Angular CLI
                                //kodlogs = project name you can write anything
 cd kodlogs
 ng serve   //ng serve use for project start 

All the commands run on the command line then show to your localhost  

Copy local localhost and run on any browser and output.

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