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Often when we are browsing the different web pages that can be found on the internet, we can find a series of warnings about errors in actions that we are carrying out, and we do not always know what the meaning of them is.

It is necessary that we know the origin of the errors that are presented to us so that we can look for a solution or, simply, have that knowledge so as not to get frustrated or annoyed when it appears again in our online journey.

A very common mistake when using Facebook and the application for chatting it on phones is that a warning usually appears stating that " you cannot respond to this conversation ", and many times you may not know why this is due.

What does that warning of not being able to reply in a conversation on Messenger and Facebook mean?

Not being able to respond to a message on Messenger and Facebook can be very common and this warning can have several causes, so they have to be known to be able to identify what is happening to us at the moment during the chat.

So, it can be said that the error corresponding to not being able to respond in a chat, has several reasons:

- Like in the first place the fact that the person in question may have deactivated their Facebook account.

- He could also have removed it.

- Similarly, it may have been the other way around, and you may have blocked it by mistake. You would have to log back into their account to be able to unblock the person or add them back to your friends list to be able to comfortably send messages with that person.

- The next is that that person has blocked you. This is the most common reason why you cannot send messages to a person.

Finally, one of the possibilities that may have arisen in your case may be related to the lack of internet connection, it may be that your service is not available or that it is working in an unstable way, in such a way that it is difficult for you to communicate properly by chat.

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