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FTP is a protocol that stands for File Transfer protocol. FTP is used to transfer the computer files or to download the files from the Internet to your computer. While transferring the files from one server to another server ASCII mode is used. 

Requirements for using FTP:

  • FTP client should be installed on your system
  • FTP server address
  • FTP username and password.


Status: Resolving address of ftp.domainame.com

 Status: Connection attempt failed with “EAI_NONAME – Neither nodename nor servname provided, or not known”.

 Error: Could not connect to the server


The solution of this FileZilla error of “Failed With EAI”.

  • Go to FileZilla and open site Manager.
  • Click on your site and you can see that currently, Host is ftp.yourdomainname .com.
  • Replace the hostname with the IP address.
  • Choose Encryption technique that is explicit FTP over TLS.
  • Enter the username and password.
  • Click on connect.
  • If you are still facing issues while connecting then change encryption methods from Use explicit FTP over TLS if available to Only use plain FTP.

I hope now you can solve your error and establish a connection without any issue.

3,890 points
11 5 1