Introduction time zone:

Today we are going to talk about time. Every country needs a standard time. Because our earth revolves around the sun. I found out about this when my sister went to America. When she was there.  He stayed and was busy, he thought why not talk to Tania. When he called me, there was a lot of noise around him. I asked why there is so much noise, he said it is noon here and here.  But the party is going on. I thought how can this be, here in Pakistan it is night. Then I realized that maybe there are different times in the world. Then when my aunt went to the airport to leave Saudi Arabia, there  I also saw that there were different clocks and each clock was telling its different time. Whenever I went somewhere and saw something new, I would start asking my father different questions and he would answer every question of mine.  They used to increase my knowledge. 

Those clocks were telling the time of different countries, one was New York, the other was telling the time of London and one was telling the time of Mumbai.  There were different times. Then Abu explained to me that if we look at the earth, it revolves around the sun. In some countries of the world there is day and in some countries there is night.  If there is day in Pakistan then there is night in America. I said Abu it means day in half the earth and night in half the earth. And for many days I kept asking the same question. When the call came from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia  .There was a difference of 3 hours in Arabia. 

Then I sat in a room alone and started searching for time from Google map. And when I searched the time of each country, I saw that the time of each country is definitely different from other countries.  And not every place in the world has the same time.

 1.India and Pakistan had a difference of half an hour. 

2.Nepal and Pakistan had a difference of 45 minutes. 

3.Bangladesh had a difference of 1 hour from Pakistan.

4.4 hours between Japan and Pakistan.

All these things were new to me. I didn't know about them before. And of course most of you wouldn't even know about them.  They are earning online. It is very important for them to have time information. 

Many students do not even know about AM and PM and what time they are. So today I will tell you what AM means Anti Meredian.  And PM means post Meredian. There is an ( GMT) clock in London, England which is known as Royal Observatory. GMT means Greenwich Mean Time.  I had a meeting and the time was calculated all over the world. I hope you have understood the different times in different countries.

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