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Hello readers, in this blog we are going to learn about how we can fetch the Vaccination center information using Python. So let's start.

We have created a project called Py-Cowin. It is an open-source project, code is available on GitHub. It is built using web-scraping and Streamlit.

Features of Py-Cowin

Pin & District wise searching
Age filter
Vaccine Type filter
Free / Paid filter
Date picker
Beautiful UI
Download the search report in CSV

Steps of creating Project

Fetch States for District wise filter
Fetch Center using Pincode for Pin wise filter
Fetch Districts according to the States
Fetch the Vaccination center using Requests
Store data in Dataframe using Pandas
Clean the data and apply user filtration
Make data reports that users can download

Requirements of Project

Get Full code and explanation here:- Machine Learning Hub

Watch full explanation on YouTube:- Full Tutorial

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