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Most profitable cryptocurrencies

As the stock market saying goes, past returns do not ensure future returns. The evolution of a virtual currency is a good indication of its potential, but that does not mean that it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 . The price of virtual currencies , with falls of more than 50% on many occasions, is a good example. Is this an indication that it is necessary to flee the sector in a hurry? Not much less, only that the price was too inflated.

What cryptocurrencies are performing the best in 2021? This is a list of digital currencies with the best future taking into account their potential and evolution so far.

Whether we like it or not , bitcoin is still the main cryptocurrency, and the best one to invest in, the one that sets the standard of behavior for the rest of virtual currencies. There are several reasons why investing in bitcoin can be thought of as a reasonable investment, and it is because it is decentralized, that is, there is no central institution that controls the supply of bitcoin.

There will be currencies that appreciate more, especially ICOs, but if there is one with a future, this is bitcoin . In this article we explain how to buy bitcoin . To know everything about this currency visit our article: Investing in Bitcoin.

Ehtereum is the great alternative to Bitcoin and the second virtual currency in terms of capitalization. Still far from the leader and discarded the possibility of it surpassing it as digital money, its strength is in the development of applications and how it uses smart contracts in development environments.

Ethereum and Ether were already one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies in years past.

An alternative to direct investment in Ethereum is to buy cryptocurrencies based on its technology such as Aragon or Stox .

Ripple is another of the largest currencies in terms of capitalization after Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. It is a currency that has grown less than the rest in the last quarter of last year and that has great potential.

Ripple is not a rookie, since it has 5 years of life. It is based on technology and allows up to 1,000 transactions per second, much faster than Bitcoin. In addition, its technology can be used as a protocol

IOTA is one of the most ambitious projects in the cryptocurrency arena. Its objective is to incorporate virtual currencies into the internet of things and it does so by neglecting the blockchain technology used by most currencies of this type. IOTA is based on Tangle technology , which in theory is much more scalable, faster and lighter than blockchain.

Known as China's Ethereum, its future will be linked to what the Asian giant decides about the future of cryptocurrencies. The Chinese government has already announced greater control over the sector.

Litecoin is one of the veterans in the sector. Created in 2011, it sought to reduce transaction time compared to bitcoin.

In the image of Bitcoin, Litecoin's limit is 84 million coins of which there are already about 55 million in circulation.

Reddcoin or RDD is one of the low cost cryptocurrencies . It defines itself as a social currency and its use is limited to social networks.

Reddcoin has its own social tipping platform that can now be used on Twitter and Reddit.

Monero is the anonymous cryptocurrency. With it the details of the coin transaction cannot be traced. That is its main strength compared to other options and what adds value to it.

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