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End = python

posted Oct 11 1 min read


I am a beginner in programming language and I choose python for this. So I was doing my programming practice. I was looking for a way to end keyword use in python. I don't know how to do as I have never studied the end before as I come from the c language waiting for some to help me on this.


I got you want to know about the end keyword in python and how to use it , firstly the end keyword in python if very use full and this is new feature as you wont see this in the any other language.
The use of end=” ” keyword it is just to say that print someone thing in place of new line as by default the new line character is there in it. The example of this is as given below.
without end:

while i<5:



with_the_end_keyword: we have to use the end keyword with the print function

while i<5:
    print(i, end = ' ')


0 1 2 3 4

with the end keyword the print was in same line as we don't want it to print it on the next line with end=’ ’ , we mentioned to keep the space after every print, I hope this is going to help you, Happy coding!!

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