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!= in python

posted Oct 11 1 min read


Hello guys,
I am really very new to python language and wanted to learn this new stuff basically I come from the c language background and I am totally new to python and yes some of the c language concept of the is really helping I want to know about the realtional operator in python is it the same way as it was define in the c language or it is some different type in implementation of it.


I have got your problem you wanted to learn the relational operator in the python I would say the internal structure of the relational operation is same in both operation python and c language.
Relational operators are the symbol that performs the task with the given value and give the result as True or False depending upon the condition. There are a bunch of relational operator in python that is less than, greater than, equals and not equals to but in specific we are going to see the != (Not equals to).

age = 16
if(age != 18):
       print('Your account has been created!')
       print('Sorry, please come back later')

Output: As the 16 and 18 are not equal so the account would be created as per the condition.

Your account has been created!

I hope this is going to help you. Happy coding!!

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