I have gained basic knowledge of avrdude and faq. I have made the awesome program on some other day. I simply wanted to upload my program to my Arduino. But soon after I clicked on the upload button some of the mean dude named avr came and suddenly stopped me and started showing me the below error:

“Avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00”.

All I am trying to do is simply upload the program but the avr is not allowing me. He is even the unintelligible. I have already spent more than three days researching the above error but am still unable to resolve the above error. so can some expert tell me what is the meaning of the above error and how to fix it?

Suggested Solutions:

This error is what happens when your computer isn't communicating with the Arduino. It has nothing to do with whether your code is right or wrong.

The most common cause of this error (IMO) used to be people choosing the Duemilanove 128 when they had the newer Duemilanove 328. Click on <Tools> -> <Board> and make sure you have the right board chosen, and try again.

You can also check to see if your using the correct COM port <Tools> -> <Serial Port>

Obviously, make sure your USB cable is plugged in, both to the computer and the Arduino.

Download the current drivers.

If it works, great. If it doesn't, post again and let us know which Arduino and what OS you're using.

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Many new people find this error avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 while uploading program to board.

Before we start to conclude the error first know how Arduino works.

What is Arduino IDE?
Arduino IDE is a special software running on your system that allows you to write sketches (synonym for program in Arduino language) for different Arduino boards. The Arduino programming language is based on a very simple hardware programming language called Processing, which is similar to the C language.

What is the programming language for Arduino?
In fact, you already are; the Arduino language is merely a set of C/C++ functions that can be called from your code. Your sketch undergoes minor changes (e.g. automatic generation of function prototypes) and then is passed directly to a C/C++ compiler (avr-g++).

How does Arduino Program upload works?
Arduino board basically consists of main three components.

ATmega328p or similar
USB to Serial Converter
5V Power supply

In most cases program is uploaded using USB cable or using an external USB to serial converter.

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So the reader is aware: This article covers the main causes for this issue, but some of the other Instructable users have found somewhat "niche" causes to the issue that was not covered in this article and is discussed in the comment section below. If this article does not solve your problem, please visit the comment section below.

I have had this error: I would plug my Arduino Uno into my Windows 7 PC (this guide should be relevant for Windows 8, Vista and XP also) but whenever I would upload any sketch to the board, all I would get is

avrdude stk500_getsync() not in sync resp=0x30

for a response. This board however worked seamlessly with my Linux machine.

After much searching online, I found there was no 'clear' solution to this.

Joyfully, the fix is actually very easy (at least for me, hopefully for you as well!). So far, there seem to be 2 3 big causes to this issue:
A wire is connected to pin0
You have the wrong COM port selected (the IDE does not see your board)
Your Arduino drivers are not set properly.

Unlikely Cause #1: Bootloader is missing

Before we begin, we should check the bootloader of the Arduino for comprehension. If the bootloader is gone or corrupt, this can cause the issue.

To do this: power and reset the board. Check to see if the pin 13 built-in LED lights; if it is not then your bootloader may be missing. If this is the case, then your problem is beyond the scope of this guide. I would suggest visiting this Sparkfun guide:

If the LED lights, then your bootloader still exists.

Cause #0: Wire coming out of pin 0, (RX)

All credit goes to tvance929 and his comment below for finding this one. Some people seem to have this happen to them so it seems worth it to bring this up top here.

Apparently, this issue will also occur if you have a wire connected to pin 0 (RX) on the Arduino.

Cause #1: Wrong COM Port or Wrong Arduino Board selected

With the Arduino plugged to the computer, open "Device Manager" and check the "Ports". Check to see if an Arduino device is listed here; if it is, then make note of which COM port the Arduino is on and check that you have this selected in the Arduino IDE (Tools -> Serial Ports). If the COM port your board is on does not show within the IDE, then try different USB ports.

If you can't even see "Ports"; then for some reason, your computer isn't even recognizing that a device is plugged into it. Test your computer by plugging other USB devices into that port. Possibly your Arduino fails at life; try it with other computers.

It appears some have received this issue by having the incorrect Arduino board selected as cdogjune has pointed out. Check that you have picked the right board in the "Tools" menu.

Cause #2: Drivers not Installed

There are a TON of pages out there on how to solve this error. The problem is none of them worked for me. The typical solutions range from not having the correct serial port or correct Arduino model board selected under the Tools menu in the Arduino software, to not having a driver (or the correct driver) loaded.

However, the frustrating part for me is I KNEW I had the correct serial port and board and driver selected because I was getting output from a sketch scrolling in the Serial Monitor window via a USB connection.

The fix? DISCONNECT ANY WIRES going to pin 0 (RX) while you do the upload. The sketch upload function uses the RX pin.

NOTE: You also need to disconnect any wires going to pin 0 (RX) if you have a sketch with a or Serial.peek() statement, and you want to use the Serial Monitor input field (as shown using the '752' in the example below) to feed data into the running sketch. If you don't disconnect pin 0 it will appear as if your data was entered into your sketch but nothing will happen because the data never truly gets input.

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