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cURL is software that is used in WordPress and many other web applications. This software is used to send and receive data requests via URL. WordPress uses this software to respond to API requests. CURL is an extension for the PHP programming language, and your host is chargeable for defensive and helping it. If you do now no longer configure cURL properly, your WordPress internet site will crash and might not paintings correctly.

Suppose you are a web designer and spend a lot of time in the WordPress environment every day. You may encounter cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out. This error is one of the most common problems in WordPress. In this article, we will discuss ways to solve this problem.

CURL mistakess 28: Connection timed out after n milliseconds. This trouble is a completely not unusualplace server associated issue. In maximum of the instances now no longer created via way of means of a selected subject matter or plugin, nor via way of means of WordPress.

How to Solve cURL Error 28: Connection Timed Out:

The first aspect to do is to replace your WordPress to the contemporary model if now no longer already done. Then if the trouble continues to be there, touch your web website hosting agency and ask the web website hosting help group to test the subsequent points. Make certain your server is jogging a latest model of PHP and the cURL library.
Try to growth your Server
Memory Limits settings.
The cURL error can be a dns related issue.
Your hosting company might need to switch dns configuration to Open DNS.
Temporarily Disable WordPress Firewall.
Deactivate All WordPress Plugins.
Ensure Your Hosting Server is using the Latest Software.
Fix SSL Insecure Content Issues.
Seek Help from Hosting Provider.

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