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If you are getting this error then below are some questions, tips, and facts that will help you to understand and avoid this “going too fast” error.

Why did Facebook care how may items I post?

Fact1: Facebook sets quotas so it does not overload its servers;

Facebook sets a posting quote of 200 items per hour per user. Facebook likes people to use Facebook and not everyone spends the same amount of time on Facebook. So, it aggregates its quota based on several active users using a particular application.

Fact2: Facebook protects itself from malicious attacks:

Few malicious attacks look like a direct sales consultant that posts fast without going into details. Here are a few things that might get flagged.

  • Posting or reposting the same pictures again and again.
  • Many different accounts posting or reposting the same pictures.
  • Posting many images, videos, or messages very quickly.


There are few things that you have to avoid;

  • Schedule your items to post before you need them to be on Facebook.
  • Use your photos.
  • Use an STR Party page.
  • Use the Facebook Cleanup Features.  
3,890 points
11 5 1