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A print job is any action that the print engine has to perform while generating a report. These actions include paging, drilling, zooming, etc. Some times this raises an error;

The maximum report processing jobs limit configured by your system administrator has been reached. “Followed by Error” Load report failed”.


  • As the crystal print engine is designed with 75 as a default job limit. Once this limit exceeds, the above issue starts to appear.
  • Many times this error is self-explanatory but sometimes the users have to identify the scenarios that too many print jobs are getting generated.


  • First delete report files in temp folder (C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\Local Settings\Temp) with the extension rpt.
  • Ensure that you call. Dispose and .Close method when the report object is no longer needed. Always ensure that this is not only done with Crystal Reports but also with FIleStream, Database Connections, datasets, or any other object that supports the IDisposable interface.

This can only stop the errors from occurring temporarily. When the load increase this error will start to occur again. This system can stop responding and system reboot will be the only option to recover. For an application that uses Crystal reports SDK, the register key “InproServer” sets the limit for the number of print jobs allowed to be processed by the report engine.

3,890 points
11 5 1