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The program that gives information that invalid choices has been made are known as input validation.

What is input validation?

Input validation is also called data validation that performs proper testing on any input that is supplied by a user or application. Input validation prevents improper data from entering into the system. This is used because manually it is difficult to detect a malicious user who is trying to attack software and applications.

Input validation strategies:

Input validation can be applied on a syntactical or semantic level.

  • Syntactic validation can enforce correct syntax of structured fields like SSN, date currency, and symbols.
  • Semantic validation can enforce correctness of their values in a specific context like the start date should be before the end date and price should be within an expected range.

Implementing input validation:

Input validation can be implemented by using any programming language technique that can allow effective enforcement of syntactic and semantic correctness like;

  • Data types validators are available natively in web application frameworks.
  • Validation against JSON Schema and XML schema for input in these formats.
  • Type conversion with strict exception handling.
  • The maximum and minimum value range for numerical parameters or dates.
  • The array of allowed values for small sets of string parameters.
  • A regular expression for any structured data that cover the whole input string.

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