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Pointers are good to have in your program. But also can be difficult to learn. “Indirection Requires Pointer Operand ('Int' Invalid)” is an error which occur because of a pointer. I give the cause and the solution of the error below.


The error message means that the programmer applied to dereference to a pointer to an integer. This means that a pointer is declared to a long integer. For instance, a pointer can only contain memory addresses, and thus the wrong length is applied to the pointer.


The following are some ways to solve the above error:

  • passing a string representation of an integer into int
  • passing a string representation of a float into float
  • passing a string representation of an integer into float
  • passing a float into int
  • passing an integer into float

The method that can be used to solve the error is by converting the string to a numeric value. A string that contains a real value, not an integer should be created. The strategy invokes the float () builtin function that returns an actual value that can be attributed to the pointer.

For example:


This converts the string to a floating- point value which is converted to an integer through truncation and removing the fractional part. The value reduces the pointer from long integer thus the error will be solved.

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