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Std :: is_signed is a name used in C++ as a predicate from its library traits  and it is also used to define the standard library expectations.  It is one concept of c++ library that is not enforced but gives a requirement for algorithms. 


For example, let’s take Y as an arithmetic type which gives a constant value that is true if Y (-1) <Y (0). The integer is a floating type that points to the signed integer types. If another integer type is not within the range of the signed integer will be unassigned in the bool.  Whenever a program is made that adds other specializations will give error message for is _signed since the integer used is undefined. 


#include <iostream>
#include <type_traits>
Class B{};
Class C{};
Class D{};
Int main ()
Std ::cout<<std::boolalpha
Std ::cout<<std:: is_signed <A>::value<< ‘\n’;
Std ::cout<<std::<<std::is signed<unsigned int()<< ‘n\’;



Here, if A is signed arithmetic type makes the statement true and it will be false if otherwise.  The member constant will convert the arithmetic signed to object bool and returns a value.

Hope this helps.

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