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First thing to keep in mind Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are two different tools created by Microsoft for developers. Visual Studio Code is an IDE for editing and debugging. Visual studio is also an IDE but using Visual Studio you can perform some specific tasks like code, debug, test, and deployment to any platform.

How to create a C++ project in Visual Studio?

Tutorial is broken into sections

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Create your C++ project


You should have Visual Studio with the Desktop development with C++ workload installed and running.
Create your C++ project

Step 1. On the menu bar in Visual Studio, choose File> New > Project. It will open create new project windows for you.
If you are opening Visual studio for the first time, then you will see Visual Studio dialog box. Choose Create a new project to get going.

Step 2. Choose the console app in the list of project templates and hit Next.

Step 3. A new dialog box will appear with the name “Configure your new project”, Enter the name of your project in the Project name box and hit Create.

Step 4. Now your editor window will be in front of you with some default code. Edit code for your project.

Step 5. After coding your project. Choose Build solutions from the Build menu. The build process will appear in the output windows.

Step 6. Choose debug, start without debugging to run the code.

After following all the steps you can continue and deploy.

Hope it will help.

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