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In this tutorial we are going to link a submit button to another page so, if you are familiar with HTML and CSS then it will easy for you. You need to follow the given approach-

What is button and link in HTML:

HTML <button>: 

It is an HTML element, represents a clickable button. We can submit a form or access another page using this button but then we will need to use a link in it.

HTML Link: 

In HTML links are hyperlink, we can jump or access another document or webpage using link. The HTML <a> tag designs a hyperlink and it has the following syntax:-


<a href=”URL”>Link Text</a>

Here is an attribute that indicates the link’s destination.

So, here we are going to link the submit button to another page:-


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Link Button To Another Page</title>

<h3>If you want to go another page, then just click on this button</h3>
<!-- button with link  -->
<button type="button" class="btn"><a href="www.google.com">Visit Page</a></button>


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