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They are used to reset the obj state. Like functions, a constructor also comprises of collection of declarations (commands) that are run at time of Obj formation. Each time an obj is formed using new() keyword at least one constructor.

It is a group of declarations that do some definite job and reoccurrence the outcome to the caller. It can do some precise job without recurring something. Functions permit us to reprocess the code without retyping the code. In Java, every funtion must be portion of some class which is dissimilar from languages like C, C++, and Python.

Dissimilarities between Constructors and Function:




  It  is a block of code that prepares a afresh created obj.

  A function is a group of declarations which yields a value    upon its implementation.

 A Constructor can be used to reset an obj.

  It comprises of Java code to be run.

 It is called covertly by the system.

  A function is called by the programmer.

 It is called when a obj is formed using the keyword new.

 It  is called over method calls.

 It doesn’t have a return type.

 It must have a return type.

 It resets a obj that doesn’t be presented. 

 It does actions on an previously formed object.

 A Constructor’s name must be same as the name of the class.

 A Method’s name can be anything.

 A class can have many Constructors but must not have  the same parameters.

 A class can have many methods but must not have the same parameters.

 A Constructor cannot be inherited by subclasses.

 A Method can be inherited by subclasses.

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