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We all know that we have to compile source code via compiler in our machine to run the code. But there was no such thing for android phones, recently intel announced its C++ compiler for android. Let’s discuss that.

C4droid [ C/C++ GCC Compiler ]

C4droid is a user-friendly C/C++ compiler for android devices. It compiles C++ source code and provides an android compatible module that can run on the device. Intel’s C/C++ compiler is not free on google play store. But you can find the compiler on other sites for free. I will provide a link down below.

Basic features of C4droid compiler


  1. Offline: We can write and compile our application on our device without having the internet connection.
  2. C4droid provides the text editor that can highlight the syntaxes, tabs and also provides the code completion and formatting.
  3. You can export or share your code/application as apks or executables.
  4. No root required to use the compiler on your android devices.
  5. Full ANSI C and ISO C99 support with TCC + uClibc
  6. It also provides Git integration, which is very useful in many cases.
  7. Customizable: You can choose where to place buttons and tabs by yourself, it is very customizable which is great to have.
  8. Fully functional C/C++ compiler.

Download Links

Google Play Store
Free Websites

300 points
8 4 2