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Undoubtedly, attending a job interview will create stress and some tension, since we are looking to improve our economy, so in these types of situations knowledge might fail due to these concerns so it is convenient to anticipate to certain issues such as having well-honed technical knowledge as developers.

As before shown, the association around trustworthy programming languages share job search practices and some common inquiries that recruiters ask while trying to fill a definite vacancy, so this time I will address whatever the developers indicate. NET.

The interviewers ask questions that are intended to find out if the candidate has a knowledge of the subject, according to specialized pages, among them are:

  • Does NET support multiple languages?

Although it could be considered simple, it is misleading, since it can divide the developers who know how to perform this action and are able to explain it from those who know how useful it is. It would also be recommended that you complement it with the fact that to be considered a language it has to comply with the Common Language Runtime standard.

  • What is ASP .NET?

It is a framework disclosed by Microsoft in which it is reasonable to create new formation websites using web forms (aspx), MVC, HTML, Javascript, CSS, among others. Recently, there is ASP.NET 4.0, which is used to generate websites. There are several page extensions given by Microsoft that are utilised for website development.

  • What are page directives? Can you give concrete examples? 

This problem addresses the technical information that any ASP.NET developer should own well-founded, so show your experience on the basic directives, as recruiters will be happy with page directives such as:

CodeBehind: Gives the name of the selected class connected

When is it more advisable to use an IoC container with the page?
EnableTheming: Indicates if the page uses themes.
Language: Shows what language is used to compile code online on the page.
Trace: Indicates if tracking is enabled.
Language page: Declares the language page you are using (ASP or ASP.NET).

  • When is it expedient to use an IoC container?

It is advisable to say that they are used in a variety of situations, although they are often used for dependency injection. He adds that if you have a third dependency, I'm going to inject it into this one. Doing so will let me change implementations or isolate that dependency behind a facade. Dependency injection allows you to modify behaviour without changing the services and use of different applications in different environments and situations. In addition to making changes easier by unlinking your program, IoC enables independent component testing.

  • When and how can an interface be used?

It should be noted that interfaces reduce compatibility problems by allowing improved implementations to be developed without compromising existing code. In addition to using the interfaces to facilitate the simulation of the dependencies in the unit tests.

  • What is meant by static class and when it should be used?

A static class is a way of creating methods not connected with particular objects. With a static class, you don't have to create an object in order to call its methods, so it is inherently faster. The math class in the Arrangement namespace is an excellent example of a well deemed out-static class.

  • What is the Finalize method for?

The ".NET Garbage Collector" does almost everything to clean up the activity of your objects. Unmanaged (unmanaged) resources such as Windows API, files, database connections, COM objects, etc. are outside the scope of the .NET framework. We have to explicitly clean up our resources. For these kinds of objects, the .NET framework gives the Object. Finalize method which can be modified and set cleanup code for unmanaged resources.

These questions may seeThe math class in the System namespace is a good example of a well thought out static class.m simple but when you are in a technical job interview, due to nerves you could falter, so it is worth doing a final review of your knowledge.

Here is a free pdf file of the given question/answers so it will help you even when you are offline:


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