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I started learning java for a few days back. Now I am working on the object-oriented part, and learning the Object and Instance. I figure out the (this.) term in java. What does “this” mean in java? What does it do? Moreover, there are two types of ‘’’THIS’ here I can see. One is “this” and the other one is “this.



this’ is a reference variable in java that refers to the current object of the main method. Let’s make it clear with an example below:

class MyClass 
    int x; 
    int y; 
    MyClass(int x, int y) 
        this.x = x; 
        this.y = y; 
    void display() 
        System.out.println("X = " + x + "  Y = " + y); 
    public static void main(String[] args) 
        MyClass object = new MyClass(5, 10); 

As you can see above we have an instance variable X and Y under MyClass. We also have a constructor that is parameterized by the variable X and Y. The (this.) keyword refers to the values of that two instance variables inside our constructor

 After that, we used our constructor by creating a new object ‘object’ inside the main function which leads us through getting the output     

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