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C++ is a step up from C language. C++ is one of the powerful, fast and underlying languages. C++ has its own benefits so C++ is a good way of learning programming logic. But today’s question is gonna be how hard it is to learn C++? And we will be discussing all other questions related to C++


How hard it is to learn C++?

Literally everyone was told that C++ is a hard language to learn and work. While there are various opinions on this. C is very close to machine language and machine language are hard to learn. C++ is a step up from C using the same syntax but adding classes to separate the logic structure.

If we compare C++ with other famous languages like python and java, we have to write more code in C++ than the other languages. We have to define all the libraries, header files, data types and variables by yourself. It makes C++ the hardest language for students to learn because you have to think so much. Java, python and other famous languages like C# are easier in comparison. In java and C# you have automatic memory management so you don’t have to worry about it. 

If you learn C++ from anywhere you will learn about syntax. Syntax means how the language is written. All the programming languages have most of their parts very similar. 


Why should we learn C++?

C++ is a powerful and basic programming language, it teaches us the basics of programming. And there are many basic things which makes a programmer a great programmer.  By learning C++

  • You will know the difference between compiler, linker and loader.

  • You will get in touch with meta-programming.

  • You will know the difference between compile-time and run time.

  • You will understand the low-level implementation of polymorphism.

  • Understand the pointer arithmetics.

  • And so many things.


If you want to be a great programmer who knows the basics of his program then consider C++ your best choice.

posted Jun 1 in c++ 100 points