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PostScript is the oldest and best-supported page description language.


Postscript is a page description language that describes the page text and graphical content. It can be used to define the appearance of graphics and text for both screen and print.  Postscript is a page description language that is developed by Adobe Systems. It primarily used for printing the documents on laser printers but it can be adapted to produce the images on another type of device also.

Postscript is an OOP language:

Postscript is an object-oriented programming language because it treats the images, and fonts as a collection of geometric objects rather than as bit maps.

PostScript and Printing:

The advantage of object-oriented graphics over bitmapped graphics is that object-oriented images take advantage of high-resolution output devices whereas the bitmapped images cannot do. The PostScript printer contains the built-in interpreter that executes PostScript instructions. If your laser printer does not support PostScript than you have to purchase a cartridge that contains PostScript.

Versions of PostScript:

There are three basic versions of PostScript;

  • Level 1
  • Level 2  (was released in 1992)
  • Level 3 (was released in 1997)

Level 3 Postscript supports more fonts, better graphic handling, and include several features to speed up PostScript printing.

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