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The escape sequence for form feed is /f.

Form feed:

Form feed us a page breaking ASCII control characters. It forces the printer to eject the current number page and to continue printing at the top of another. Often, this causes carriage return. The form feed character codes can be defined as 12 and maybe representing as control+L.

Form feed is seldom used when programming with modern printers in modem operating environments like Windows, Unix, Linux, or macOS. Instead, form feed is generated by having the printing program call a form feed API function.

For Example:

When printing using the .NET framework than the PrintPageEventArgs.HasMorePages property is used to indicate a form of feed that is desired.

Semantic use:

The form feed character is mostly used in plain text files of source code as a delimiter for a page break or as a marker for sections of code. In Usenet, the form feed character is used by several newsreaders as a “Spoiler character” causing them to automatically hide the following text until promoted as a way to prevent the spoilers from being inadvertently revealed. The precise behavior depends on the client displaying the article.

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