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Q. Which SQL keyword is used to impose restrictions on a table, data or relationship?


Q. A named set of SQL statements that are considered when a data modification occurs are called: A) stored procedures. B) treatments. C) triggers. D) trapdoors.


Q. SQL stands for ________. A) Standard Query Language B) Structured Query Language C) Simplified Query Language D) Secondary Query Language

Structured Query Language

Q. To include all fields in a SQL query, use the ____ symbol after the word SELECT.

Asterisk (*)

Q. In SQL Server, the starting value of a surrogate key is called the:

Identity Seed.

Q. SQL links tables together by ________.

using primary keys and foreign keys

Q. Which of the following is the core service component of SQL Server 2012?

database engine

Q. A(n) ____ is an alternate name given to a column or table in any SQL statement.


Q. Which of the following is not a SQL DML statement? A) Insert B) Update C) Select D) CreateTable pg.23

D) CreateTable

Q. Establishing IF-THEN-ELSE logical processing within an SQL statement can be accomplished by: A) using the if-then-else construct. B) using the immediate if statement. C) using the CASE keyword in a statement. D) using a subquery.


Q. If you delete a stored procedure, function, or trigger and then create it again

you delete the security permissions assigned to the object.

Q. Determine how many books are in the Cooking category.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM books WHERE category = ‘COOKING‘;

Q. A ________ is a temporary table used in the FROM clause of an SQL query. A. correlated subquery B. derived table C.view table D.None of these

B. derived table

Q. Which of the following is not a common error when entering and executing SQL statements? Forgetting to connect to a database Selecting the wrong database Misspelling a keyword Misspelling the name of a table

Forgetting to connect to a database

Q. SQL Server 2012 can back up database files to physical disk media or to tape.


Q. Which class is used to hold the SQL statement or stored procedures for Access databases?


Q. Which of the following committees are responsible for establishing SQL guidelines? ANSI and ASCII ANSI and ISO IEEE and OSI OSI and ASCII


Q. You use DDL statements to create, modify, and delete the ___________________________ of a database.


Q. Which of the following is true about recovery objectives?

The recovery point objective is expressed as a time frame

Q. You can save the results of a query as a table by including the ____ clause in the query.


Q. Which of the following commands changes the value in a column? REPLACE CHANGE ADD UPDATE


Q. To search for null values, use the _________________ clause.


Q. An alias cannot be used when a table is required to be joined to itself in a recursive query.


Q. Which of the following advantages are provided to a SQL server when it‘s used with IPAM? Scalability More secure Reporting Additional disaster recovery

Scalability Additional disaster recovery Reporting

Q. A group function can be nested inside a(n)____. A) group function B) single-row function C) order function D) both a and b

D) both a and b

Q. For which type of event are notifications and alerts generally NOT sent? A) SQL Server Agent job failure B) High CPU or memory utilization C) Deadlocks D) SQL Server errors with severity 1-10

D) SQL Server errors with severity 1-10

Q. Which of the following best describes a protective countermeasure for SQL injection?

Validating user input within web-based applications

Q. How do you qualify the name of a field in an SQL query? When is it necessary to do so?

To qualify the name of a field in an SQL query, precede the field with the name of the table to which it belongs, followed by a period. It is necessary to qualify a field if the field name occurs in more than one of the tables listed in the FROM clause.

Q. Object-oriented and multidimensional databases are two examples of NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases.


Q. A category name uniquely identifies each service that Solmaris performs


Q. WSUS configuration data must be configured to use SQL Server Express.


Q.  Access and SQL Server are popular ________ DBMS products. A) open source B) IBM C) Oracle Corporation D) Microsoft


Q. A single-row subquery can return several columns, but only one row, of results to the outer query. A) True B) False

B) False

Q. For every match involving ‘POL‘, show the matchid, date and the number of goals scored.

SELECT game.id, mdate, COUNT(*) FROM game JOIN goal ON goal.matchid = game.id WHERE (game.team1 = ‘POL‘ OR game.team2 = ‘POL‘) GROUP BY game.id, game.mdate ORDER BY game.id;

Q. Java programs communicate with databases using what API?


Q. Which of the following is a valid SQL statement when referencing a sequence?

INSERT INTO orderitems VALUES (nextvalue, 1, 811794939, 1); XX

Q. SQL uses search operators such as ____ to form complex queries. AND OR NOT all of the above

all of the above

Q. A subquery nested in a SELECT clause cannot contain an ORDER BY clause.


Q. In an SQL query, a ____ clause is used to specify the table you want to access.


Q. What is the SQL keyword that deletes an object in the database, usually irretrievably?


Q. Which of the following would not be a typical key word in a SQL search?

All of the choices are typical key words.

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