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1. What is Xamarin?
Xamarin is a company that builds the software. The main operation of Xamarin is to build mobile apps that work on cross-platforms. It is used to build the UI for Android, iOS, and Windows operating system. Xamarin application shares the codebase. Xamarin’s feature is similar to the native application. A developer can download the Xamarin tools in Visual Studio.

2. How to do Xamarin.Android applications work?

Xamarin.Android applications depend on Microsoft’s Mono Virtual Machine. Mono is Microsoft’s open-source implementation of the .Net Framework based on open standards for C# and CLR. Launched in the year 2001, it was mainly created to allow .Net applications to work on Linux platform, but was later modified to support development on various devices including embedded systems.

In Xamarin, Mono works in parallel with Android’s ART. On Android, most of the system facilities like Audio, Graphics, OpenGL, and Telephony are not available directly to native applications, they are only exposed through the Android Runtime Java APIs residing in one of the Java.* namespaces or the Android.* namespaces. The native applications interact with the exposed .NET APIs. These APIs then, through Android Binding call the underlying Android Runtime Java APIs. The architecture is roughly like this.

3. What are Commands in Xamarin.Forms?

While writing an application with MVVM, developers specify data bindings in the View Model to bind the UI and the underlying code. Sometimes it may be required that instead of simple properties, the app may have to react to commands initiated by a user that affect something in the View Model. Such commands are generally associated with button clicks of a button or Tap event of a gesture and are handled by the appropriate background handler. These Commands, that implement the ICommand interface, define the operation to be performed when the appropriate Click or Tap is performed. To use the command interface, one has to define a data binding that targets the Command Property of the Button whereas the source is a property in the ViewModel of type ICommand.

4. What are the types of elements that are used in the Xamarin?

The following are the types of elements that are used in the Xamarin:

  • C# language

  • Mono .net framework

  • Compiler

  • IDE tools

5. What are the types of apps that are built with Xamarin?

The followings are the 5 types of apps that are built with Xamarin- goal 2014 football manager, the secret society, iLearn for kids, parental access and Toolwiz cleaner.


6. Why Xaml in Xamarin.Forms?

  • XAML(Extensible Application Markup Language) allows developers to define user interfaces in Xamarin.Forms applications using markup rather than code.

  • XAML defines the visual appearance of a UI, and an associated code-behind file defines the logic. The UI design can be adjusted without necessarily making changes to the logic in code-behind. XAML in this role simplifies the workflow between individuals who might have a primary visual design responsibility and individuals who are responsible for app logic and information design.

7. What are the IDE's we can use for Xamarin App Development?

Xamarin Studio: This is Xamarin’s C# developer environment that runs on both Windows and Mac. Xamarin Studio has many of the features of Microsoft’s Visual Studio and uses exactly the same formats as Visual Studio: solutions (.sln) and C# projects (.csproj).

Visual Studio: Xamarin offers a Visual Studio extension/plugin for visual studio 2012, visual studio 2013 update 1. And now Xamarin development is directly available from Visual studio 2015.

8. What is XAML?

XAML stands for the Extensible Application Markup Language. XAML allows defining the user interface in Xamarin. Forms application use the markup language rather than code.


9. What are different extension output files generated from xamarin.forms?

If we run the Xamarin app, it can generate following application packages for different platforms
.xap/.Appx for windows phone 8, Windows, UWP
.ipa file for IOS
.apk file for Android

10. What are the different application package running modes in Xamarin?

When you compile an application, you usually choose between below two modes:
Debug: Debug mode pads the executable file with extra information used for debugging purpose. After your application is bug-free and feature-complete, there's no longer any need to keep the debug information.
Release: Compiling in Release mode gives you a more compact (and even slightly faster) executable that doesn't include unnecessary internal debugging symbols
Note: Packages should be in release mode, which would be provided to an App store.

11. What are the advancement approaches in xamarin?
Xamarin has two techniques for building cross-stage versatile applications: Xamarin Forms – You can utilize Xamarin. Structures when you need to plan your application one time and offer it over all stages with some minor code changes.

12. Why xamarin is utilized?
A key advantage of utilizing Xamarin is that the application UI utilizes local controls on every stage, making applications that are vague from an application written in Objective-C or Java.

13. How does Xamarin.Android(Mono for Android) work?

On Android, Xamarin ships a fully functional implementation of the .NET runtime, called Mono, bundled with your app so that your code executes with all of the power of C# and .NET, including JIT-compilation, memory management, reflection, and the .NET base class libraries. Developers can use any native features by interacting with .NET class libraries that provide one-to-one mappings to all of the native APIs on Android.

14. What is the difference between Xaml & axml in Xamarin Technology?

  • AXML and XAML are two different XML specifications.

  • AXML is just supported/available for Xamarin.Android.

  • XAML is the way Xamarin Forms could standardize Cross Platform UI based on XML specification.

  • XAML is the way Xamarin Forms could standardize Cross Platform UI based on XML specification.

  • If you are using native Xamarin Android you will do UI using axml, if using Forms then using XAML.

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