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Q. To remove blank lines that occur when a field is empty, change the value of the ____ property.

can shrink

Q. A composite primary key can be defined using the CONSTRAINT phrase in which SQL command? A) SET TABLE B) CHANGE TABLE C) CREATE TABLE D) MODIFY TABLE E) BUILD TABLE


Q. Compacting a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size. _________________________


Q. Unnecessary duplication of data in a database is referred to as

data redundancy

Q. Successful database marketing emphasizes two things:

identifying customers and building relationships.

Q. Successful database marketing emphasizes two things: identifying customers and producing sales.


Q. Each _____ in an Access database represents a field.


Q. A(n) ________ is a request for data from a database.


Q. A protocol used by various client applications when the application needs to query a database

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Q. In SQL, you use the ____ command to query a database.


Q. Although a database can consist of only a single file, it is usually a group of files.


Q. Data cleansing is the same process as data scrubbing. - True - False


Q. A database application serves as an intermediary between users and database data.


Q. The _____ view of a database involves how data is stored on and retrieved from storage media.


Q. Which of the following is not a way that a DBMS deals with deleting records from a database?

Records cannot be deleted from a DBMS

Q. A desktop database is a ____ database.


Q. A(n) ______ is a request for specific data from a database.


Q. Enter the SQL command that will list all tables in the grades database.


Q. Which of the following is not true of an Access database?

Every table in a database contains the same number of records as every other table.

Q. In a natural join, the column on which the join was made occurs twice in the new table.


Q. Which of the following is not an area covered by the electronic database CINAHL?


Q. Each time a user logs on locally, which database is used to verify sign-in credentials?


Q. The ____ command will create an application program‘s or individual user‘s picture of the database.​


Q. You cannot assign names to computed columns.


Q. XML data is ____. structured multistructured unstructured semistructured


Q. Which of the following non-digital data storage items is most similar to a database? A) library card catalog B) cash register receipt C) doctor‘s office invoice D) list of sales totals on a spreadsheet

A) library card catalog

Q. When you use Windows authentication to connect to a database, SQL Server

uses the login name and password that you use for your PC to authorize your connection

Q. To add new data to a table, use the ____ command.


Q. The ____ of an entity become the columns in the database table.


Q. A data warehouse is typically comprised of several smaller data marts.


Q. ____ relationships are most common.


Q. When Excel imports a database table, the data is placed in an Excel ____.


Q. A query is a question represented in a way that the DBMS can understand.


Q. A programming language typically used for CGI scripts is ____.


Q. A workgroup database is a(n)____ database.

a. single user b. multi-user * c. enterprise d. distributed

Q. Which of the following is true of the relational database processing model?

It represents relationships with the help of foreign keys

Q. The smallest piece of data used by a computer is a(n) _____. a. entity b. byte c. bit d. character

c. bit

Q. Atomicity indicates the permanence of the database‘s consistent state. a. True b. False ANSWER


Q. The most common type of database used with personal computers today is a ____.

Relational database

Q. Developers in your company have created a Web application that interfaces with a database server. During development, programmers created a special user account that bypasses the normal security. What is this an example of?


Q. Advantages of a web/database system as compared to a more traditional database approach include:

ease of administation and transaction tracking

Q. What kind of attribute can be calculated using the value of another attribute?

Derived attribute

Q. An ERM is dependent on the database type.


Q. The default primary key for an Access database is the ID field.


Q. Which of the following is not an advantage of a relational database? -One table with all the data. -Data Integrity -Efficiency -Less Redundancy

One table with all the data.

Q. Which of the following is incorrect in reference to a database? Users can access different views of information. Information is accessed by logical structure. Information is accessed by physical structure. Can be relational or network.

Information is accessed by physical structure.

Q. In what type of attack does the attacker send unauthorized commands directly to a database?

SQL Injection

Q. Expressions coded in the WHERE clause A) can use either aggregate search conditions or non-aggregate search conditions B) can use aggregate search conditions but can‘t use non-aggregate search conditions C) can use non-aggregate search conditions but can‘t use aggregate search conditions D) must refer to columns in the SELECT clause

C) can use non-aggregate search conditions but can‘t use aggregate search conditions

Q. Database management systems are MOST useful because ________.

they help businesses manage vast amounts of data collected in the process of doing business

Q. Identify the first step in transforming a data model into a relational database design.

creating a table for each entity

Q. Files created with Access 2016 may be used with which previous version of Access?

Access 2010

Q. The ____ is the most widely used database model today.

relational database management system (RDBMS)

Q. In a client/server design, a database server ____.

a.processes individual SQL commands

Q. Normalization represents a micro view of the entities within the ERD.


Q. Potential problems in the design of a relational database are known as ____.​

update anomalies

Q. Each class on an class diagram is represented by a(n) ____ in a relational database.​ a. ​row b. column c. table d. attribute


Q. To design the database schema, information from which diagram is the most important?​ a. ​class diagram b. design class diagram c. network diagram d. package diagram

a. class diagram

Q. A disadvantage of partitioning is:

extra space and update time.

Q. One of the functions of a DBMS is to provide tools to assist in the administration of a database.


Q. A geographic information system (GIS) can integrate maps and database data with queries.


Q. Tables contain all of the data in the database. True/False


Q. End-user data is ____. a. raw facts about the end-user b. raw facts of interest to the end-user c. data about data d. accurate, relevant and timely information

b. raw facts of interest to the end-user

Q. In a database which of the following is a connection within the data?


Q. During which phase of the SDLC is the database specification developed?

design phase

Q. A relational database typically consists of one large two-dimensional table.


Q. As you add data to a database, Access requires you to save your changes manually.


Q. Which of the following database systems uses artificial intelligence?

knowledge-based system

Q. What type of keys do you need to use to create a relational database model? A) Primary keys and secondary keys B) Primary keys and foreign keys C) Entity keys and attribute keys D) Relational keys and DBMS keys

B) Primary keys and foreign keys

Q. Program-data dependence is caused by:

file descriptors being stored in each application.

Q. In database systems, a column is also known as a key.


Q. The process of creating an information system is known as _____. a. systems development b. database development c. network development d. enterprise development


Q. The technique for identifying the person who is attempting to access the DBMS is known as ____.


Q. Which of the below is not an example of an advantage of using a relational database? A. Increased information quality B. Increased flexibility C. Decreased information redundancy D. Decreased information security

Decreased information security

Q. Which of the following database types can be used with Windows IPAM?

Windows Internal Database

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