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Pythons’ list is an inbuilt datatype that stores multiple elements of same and or different types.
as python list has so many inbuilt operations, you can use either pop or del for this operation
syntax will be 

           del listname(index)
     del listname(index:index)

you can use del by two ways you can either put a range or simply put an index number of element you h=want to delete
as given below

      list = [‘apple’,’ball’, ‘cat’, ‘dog’]      
   del list[0]

     OUTPUT – (’ball’, ‘cat’, ‘dog)
 SO del just deletes an element of the index you given to it.
    list = [‘a’,’b’,’c’,’d’]
  del list[:2]

    Output – (‘d’)
this will result as list = [‘d’] as it removed elements upto range 2 and 
or you can use pop method
eg  list= [1,2,3]        

      Output – (1,3)
will result as (1,3), But just be aware if you didn’t give any parameter it’ll pop the last item from your list. I hope it helps, Happy coding.

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