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Does studying the Java programming language require learning the C programming language as well ???????
Before we answer this question, let us know the programming language first:
Programming language: It is a language for computers, phones and all smart devices at the present time through which a person can program and design applications and design websites. It is the language through which a person communicates with the smart device in front of him to be able to design applications, sites and everything through which the computer does not understand human language !!! But understands programming languages.
And programming languages ​​have many languages ​​such as: c, java, javascript and more
There are many people who want to learn programming languages ​​and the first thing that baffles them is the names of programming languages. A novice person does not know these languages ​​and has never dealt with them. There are many types of programming languages ​​as we mentioned, but the educated person does not know the difference between them
In fact, programming languages ​​are very similar, and each language may be similar to the other in everything except for minor differences
We should know that the C programming language and Java are very similar, but the Java programming language is easier and more fluid
The answer to our question today is that the Java programming language when studying it does not require studying the programming language c before it, although they are similar, but what you must study before Java is the basics of algorithms, as it will help you very much, my friend, in studying any programming language, not just Java ..... ...
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