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If your system frequently gives error messages about launching the "Java Virtual Machine" Java Virtual Machine, you do not need to worry, these errors are very easy to fix. JVM (Java Virtual Machine) functions The java virtual machine is responsible for memory allocation and garbage collection, along with interpreting bytecode into machine code.

The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is required to be installed on your computer in order for some applications to work as expected. The main component of the JRE is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which helps run Java applications. A java file, when compiled, produces a '. Class' file, not an executable. This class file contains java bytecode which is interpreted by jvm into machine readable instructions. Jvm is platform independent as it provides a machine interface that is independent of the underlying operating system and hardware architecture.

 There may be times when you may receive error messages when starting jvm, in situations such as downloading to your computer, playing games like minecraft, or opening certain Java applications. In this article, I have put together several solutions that can help you fix Java Virtual Machine for Windows startup errors.

Error message # 1: Failed to create virtual machine java:

This error message usually occurs when trying to launch Java games such as minecraft. ➦Open the control panel. ➦Log into the system. ➦Go to advanced system properties. ➦Click on the 'environment variables' button. ➦In system variables, click the 'new' button. ➦Set a new variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS ➦ Enter the new value for the variable: -Xmx512M ➦Click the 'OK' button.   -Xmx / S is a configuration parameter that controls the amount of memory that java uses. Xmx is the maximum size of memory that can be allocated. Xms is the minimum size of memory that can be allocated.    

Error message # 2: An error occurred while opening a registry key:

 This error can occur when working with Java on the command line.   ➦Open the WINDOWS \ system32 folder. ➦ Remove the executable java files, including java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe. ➦Next, reinstall the JRE. 

 Error message # 3: Java virtual machine launcher cannot find main class:

 Program exits   ➦Click the "Start" button in the main menu. ➦In the search box, type "mrt" and press Enter. A Windows utility called 'Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool' will start. ➦Click "Next" and select "Full Scan". ➦Restart your computer after scanning is complete. ➦Click the "Start" button and run the system setup program by typing "msconfig" in the search box. ➦ Go to the 'Launch' tab and uncheck the boxes next to 'WJView.exe' and 'javaw.exe'. ➦Reboot when prompted. 

Error message # 4: Could not open jar file:

  This error can occur when trying to open the application. ➦Click on the 'Start' button and navigate to the 'default programs'. ➦Select 'associate file type or protocol to program'. ➦Click on the extension (.jar) to view the program that opens it by default. ➦Click the "change program" button and select the default program "java virtual machine launcher". ➦Click the "close" button and check if the problem is resolved. ➦If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling Java.

 ➦If the problem persists, please contact the technical support of the application giving you the error.   If you encounter any other Java Virtual Machine errors, write about them in the comments, I will try to help.

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