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There are many web browsers for the Linux platform. This article lists the very best ones. Launched in 1991, Linux soon caught the attention of the software industry, with developers taking a keen interest in releasing software for this platform. Here's a look at some of the most popular Linux web browsers.


 Chrome is by far the fastest browser on this platform. Its features like page tabs, sync options with Chrome browsers on other devices, and developer support have made it the most popular among Linux users.


 As one of the oldest web browsers for the platform, Firefox has a large and dedicated user base. In fact, most Linux versions come with Firefox as their default web browser. As an open source browser, it also forms the basis for other web browsers.


 Arora is a brilliant and cross-platform browser that performs tasks at lightning speed. It is a very well built web browser that handles all of its tasks with relative ease. Although it is still in beta testing, it provides performance that is not available to other browsers on this platform.


 One of the most stable browsers on this platform. It boasts many features such as speed dial, quick search, trash can, etc. to further complement the overall user experience. Regular updates also provide fixes for bugs, if any.   


 Unlike most other web browsers available today, Lynx doesn't have fancy gimmicks. However, it is a very user-friendly, text-based browser that comes as a blessing for any server that doesn't have a GUI. But you won't be able to enjoy Flash or Java, or even view images in this browser. 


 Midori is a fairly simple Web-Kit browser based on this. It has no extensions, no plugins, or the ability to change the look of the browser. But it offers something much more important - speed. The browser is very lightweight and can handle loading most websites with ease.

 Net Surf:

Although the browser is still in beta testing, it works surprisingly fast and without any clutter. It has a buffer rendering function which helps to load pages very quickly. In addition, it has a modern ad blocker, which is a useful addition for users who are haunted by ads while browsing the internet.  


 One of the many Web-Kit browsers, Dooble offers many unique features; the most attractive of these is Dooble Desktop. This feature allows you to add other apps to the Dooble tab. You can also choose to customize the tab with the background of your choice. The web browser also claims to have advanced security features to protect the privacy of its users.


 Although Epiphany (translated as "baptism") is notorious for frequent crashes, especially when loading heavy flash sites, it is still a good browser on your Linux computer. In fact, it loads alongside the popular GNOME package as its default web browser. The browser is quite minimalistic, although it does offer various plugins and extensions.   


 Its USP is that it relies on multiple rendering engines for its operations. Konqueror ships with KHTML by default, although you can choose to download the Web-kit version separately.   

Linux, which was not a very popular platform before, is now gaining a growing user base. This is especially true in the case of corporations and enterprises that prefer Linux over other OSs because of its many security features. This, in turn, is associated with an increase in the number of applications and other software developed for it.

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