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It's very easy to create a website today, all you need to do is register a domain, build a website in a website builder and host it, and you don't even need to have any programming or coding skills to do this! However, we live in a competitive world and even if you have a brilliant website, if you don't promote it properly, no one will even know it exists!

 This means that you will not have as many visitors as you would like, which will negate the real goals of building the site. Most people create a website for their business to add a marketing channel or add another income channel, and both of these goals can only be realized if people actually visit your site, and this can only happen if they really know about you.

 Now there are many ways to promote your site, but almost all of them are very expensive! However, there are several ways you can spread the word about your new website that are available for free! Thanks to my wealth of experience with websites and experience in promoting those websites, I have compiled a list of ways that you can promote your website for free.

1. Pay special attention to your site's SEO:

 Today SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to increase the ranking of your site in Yandex, Google and other search engines for free.

 SEO is influenced by factors such as the quality of your content, site navigation, and the number of links you get from outside. Apart from these key measures, there are other ways you can improve your SEO rate. One such technique is to strategically use certain keywords and phrases throughout the site so that search engines rank you higher on those search strings.

 In addition, you can also use techniques such as adding text to images and optimizing your headlines accordingly, making your site easily searchable by the right audience through various search engines. SEO is far from easy, it takes a little time, patience, and training, but if you're persistent enough, it can be one of the handiest tools in your suite.

2. Use email marketing:

 At times, people, especially newbies, tend to dismiss email marketing as an outdated promotion tool. However, veterans and industry experts know the value and value of this powerful tool when it comes to driving traffic to your site. However, if you want to unleash the real power of email marketing, you must do it right.

 This means you will have to carefully compose this newsletter for maximum impact, and achieving this is almost an art form, especially if you want them to go straight to your client's main mail tab! Your email content should be clear, have clear call to action (CTA) buttons, and have a compelling tone to motivate your readers to click through to your site.

 It's this care and creativity that will set you apart from the thousands of other emails that end up in your customers' inboxes and clutter them up! There should be a significant difference between the newsletter you send to your customers and the many others they might subscribe to.

3. Use social media marketing:

 Do you still think social media is simply there to make new friends or chat? Then you are far behind the times! Social media has a built-in ability that allows anyone to reach out to exactly the people they want. This means that the opportunities for you to reach your target market are enormous!

 So, the next time you're tired of friends showing off their kids' newest drawing on a napkin, or a colleague flaunting a recent trip to Turkey, or a cousin taking a photo of a cake she baked, think about more you can achieve with this powerful tool! Today, creating a social media account for your business and using it to build connections and customer relationships has become one of the most effective ways to promote a website.

 When you interact with your customers via social media, it all happens in real time, where you can ask questions, solicit feedback and get almost instant responses from your customers, which gives instant results! Setting up social media accounts on several different platforms gives companies as many opportunities as possible to advertise their website to the right companies on multiple channels.

 Creating a Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram account gives you free listing options with the added bonus of really high Google rankings. You can have your own business page on all of these channels, which can then be linked to your personal profiles on these social networks and advertise your site for free.

 As someone who has been in business for a while and is now launching their own business website, you should know exactly who you are creating the website for, i.e. your target market, using social media will give you a tool or platform to enter that market and ultimately generate income from it by building meaningful relationships.

 The key here is engaging with your audience regularly and giving them enough momentum to start sharing your content, which will serve as free advertising for your site. Cross-promotion is also key here. This way, the content from your Instagram feed will be found on your Twitter account, and your latest blog will also be available to your Facebook fans. Also, make sure you add a social bar to your website, allowing users to find your social media profiles right on your website.

4. Start your own blog:

Have you noticed some of the top companies today, they all have their own blogs and they use them! When you design a blog with quality unique content, you have the opportunity to improve your site's overall search engine rankings. In addition to that, when you have your own blog, you can rise to the position of a respected expert in the field you decide to write about, and both of these factors can combine to make a significant improvement in the overall conversion rate for your site.

 There is a hidden benefit of blogging in addition to your website. When you start writing articles for your blog, you will definitely have to indulge in some market research. This will not only expand your knowledge base, but even help you improve your professional skills. The created blog can be connected to your site. The point to remember here is that writing skill doesn't have to be the focus of a blog, it just needs to have a certain relativity for anyone from beginner to expert without being overly simplistic or overly complex. The important thing here is to start with your blog first and then continue working on it to improve it over time and experience.

63,700 points
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