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A queue is a theoretical information structure that contains an assortment of components. Line executes the FIFO component i.e the component that is embedded first is additionally erased first. All in all, the least as of late added component is eliminated first in a line


In this part, we will figure out how the usage of Queue utilizing Linked List in C++ which is dynamic in nature and it's size is variable so we don't have to redistribute the whole Linked List. This execution of the line is more productive when contrasted with the exhibit usage of the line. The Linked List Implementation of line is additionally better as far as 

  • space 
  • memory 
  • time multifaceted nature

Steps to Implement Queue utilizing Linked List in C++ 

  1. We will make a Linked list to play out the procedure on the line. 
  2. Make a connected list to embed the components . 
  3. Additionally, Perform the erasure activity in Linked List. 
  4. Actualize all the techniques for the line in a Linked List.
Algorithm for Enqueue:-
  1. Return Queue full 
  2. Else 
  3. Rear+Rear+1 
  4. Queue[Rear]=Data 
  5. If(Front== - 1) 
  6. Front= 0
Algorithm for Dequeue:-
  1. If(Front==-1||Front==Rear+1) 
  2. Return 
  3. Else 
  4. Queue[Front]=0 
  5. Front=Front+1
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