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On the Internet we navigate daily between many environments, addresses and platforms . Everything is usually already built and works without incident. But before each element was there, the professionals responsible for its development had to tackle different phases of work.

This process has resulted in two resulting "products", which are often confused in concept, but which actually mean very different things. It is about the differences between website and web page .

In this article we expose the main differences between the two and which professional managers are those who have to take responsibility for everything that relates to them, from planning to maintenance.

What is a website

A website is a digital development often made up of several web pages, which are part of the same domain.

Today there are very diverse websites . We have from personal blogs to corporate websites. There are also informative or even educational websites, as well as participation spaces such as forums, directories and virtual communities where chats would enter.

Globally, electronic commerce is also promoting the rise of online stores, websites dedicated to the sale of products and services from the Internet.

Furthermore, a website is characterized by offering a large number of options to users , from the purchase of products as in online stores to the same edition, as Wikipedia offers.

There are also websites that allow you to download digital content , that allow you to interact with online games or that even have artificial intelligence technology, dynamically adapting the content to the user's tastes, as they learn about it with each visit.

What is a web page

A web page is identified under the concept of « electronic document» . In practice, it corresponds to each of the url addresses that make up an entire website.

There may be websites with a single web page or with many of them . There are also static web pages, which are not modified once published and dynamic, which have content that is periodically updated.

In addition, web pages can be developed with various technologies , from the HTML programming language to Flash or the languages ​​of the server where it is hosted, PHP or ASP being one of the best known.

110,660 points
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