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In the era of mobile technologies, many companies producing computer games keep pace with the times, and the very same "Capcom" has not distinguished itself. These guys were able to please us with another zombie creation, only for this races for Android.

Resident Evil 4 for Android is a stunning third-person action game for all fans of "wickedness" and zombies in particular. Detailing - made at a very high level, but it could not be otherwise with a toy from "Capcom".

A distinctive feature of this application can be called its performance, this game flies excellently even on weak devices, then about the plot ...

After the terrible events in the city of Raccoon City, more than one year has passed. The American authorities have launched an investigation into this terrible case in which the Umbrella corporation is involved. During the investigation, the corporation was suspended, which led to its complete ruin.

Meanwhile, Leon goes in search of the daughter of the President of the United States. Leon ends up in a small village in Europe, where he was met by not too friendly-minded inhabitants who are susceptible to a strange disease.

You need to figure out what's what and find the kidnapped girl. Crowds of angry zombies, terribly mutated creatures, a huge number of various puzzles mixed with traps and most importantly "bosses" will not be easy to cope with.

Resident Evil 4 for Android has established itself as an excellent shooter that will tickle your nerves from mission to mission. The game has fairly simple controls that you will get used to in the first 10 minutes of the game. By far one of the best zombie games.

You will need to dress up to think about each of your check to achieve success. Good luck!

Download link: https://apkvision.com/games/action/resident-evil-4-8371/

110,660 points
12 7 5