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The Philips universal remote control is one of the most used devices to replace the original controls of a large number of audio and video equipment in homes. We tell you how to find the code of your TV without the manual at hand.

Using a Philips universal remote control is one of the best decisions if you own audio and video equipment.

Anyone who has equipped their home or office with modern television and sound equipment knows how difficult it is to operate when the original control that came from the factory is damaged.

Others have had the bad experience of installing a complex audio and video system in their living room and quickly discover the inconvenience of having to manipulate several remote controls at the same time.

All this just so you can play a movie you just rented and listen to the sound on your brand new surround sound system

The Philips universal remote control is sold as a replacement kit

for the original controls of many brands of audio and video equipment.

Its great advantage is that it allows you to control several types of devices at the same time from a single remote .

The Philips universal remote control achieves this by its ability to "mimic" the infrared light signals used by the controls of many brands of televisions and audio / video players.

Each brand of TV or device is assigned a programmable numeric code in the Philips universal control and which is indicated in the manual of this device.

But what happens when you want to use your TV with a Philips universal control and you can't find this manual?

In this article we will explain how you can find the code you need to control your television with a Philips universal remote control .

What is the universal Phillips remote control?

First we will explain a Universal Remote Control is a control device for infrared light emitting manufactured to replace e l remote factory televisions, DVD players, BluRay and others.

The original remote controls that come from the factory can usually fail due to use after a while.

At that point, you will realize that it is difficult to get an original replacement and that the best option is to use a universal remote control.

The Dutch company Philips , one of the largest manufacturers of home electronics, produces several of the most popular universal controls on the market.

These devices can be programmed to control televisions, cable TV boxes, audio equipment, and other equipment at the same time.

How does a remote control work?

Each button on your Philips remote control is covered on the inside by a dust or electrically conductive material.

When you press a button, it closes a circuit on a conductive plate located inside the device, activating a function assigned to that button.

Immediately, a controller circuit activates a signal that is sent to a quartz crystal, which returns a certain frequency, associated with the function.

This frequency is transmitted to an LED emitter on the tip of the remote control, which in turn emits infrared light.

This light is seen by the device you are going to control, which interprets it and executes the corresponding action, such as turning on, off, increasing volume, changing channels, etc.

Why use a Philips universal remote control?

The controls Philips universal remote stand out for their ability to be programmed by the user to emit infrared light beams corresponding to a variety of brands and models of electronic equipment.

This programming is done by programming the control with a number that corresponds to the brand you are interested in, following a list provided by Philips.

But what do you do when you don't have this list handy and you need to program your Philips universal remote control in order to use your TV?

Well, fortunately the equipment has a "code search" option that allows you to program it without knowing the numerical code that corresponds to the device you want to control.

How do I find my TV control code on a Philips universal control?

1) Press the "On" or "Power" button on the TV you want to control with the Philips universal remote control.

The TV must be turned on to use the code search function.

2) Press and hold the "Code Search" button on the Philips universal remote control until a red light appears on the remote control.

Keep pressing the "Code Search" button for about 10 seconds, until this light is on permanently.

3) When the red light is solid, release the “Code Search” button and press the “TV” button once.

This will tell the control that you are going to start searching for the code that corresponds to a television set.

4) Now press the "Channel Up" button on the Philips universal remote control once .

Each time you press this button, the Philips remote control will change the internal code to that of another brand and model of television.

Keep pressing "Channel Up" until your TV changes channels. At that moment you will have found the code that corresponds to it.

You may have to press “Channel Up” dozens or hundreds of times before you find the code for your TV.

5) Now press the "Mute" button on the Philips remote control to save your TV code in it.

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