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Programming an RCA control is very easy. Just turn on your Samsung TV and see if the remote has a CODE SEARCH button. Then follow one of these simple methods.

Opting for a universal remote control is highly beneficial since it avoids both the spatial and mental disorder that can be caused by handling a control for each device. It is also a great help when the original remote controls of our devices break or stop working.

The RCA universal remote control is the best known to solve the above for being of high quality, very resistant and highly functional for the different devices used. So, if you already had a universal control for your DVD or for your Blu-ray, for example, you can perfectly configure it to also handle your Samsung TV.

To get started, stand in front of the Samsung TV with your RCA universal remote in hand. Turn on your Samsung TV manually and check closely if your RCA control has button at the top called CODE SEARCH since this will depend on how you will proceed to make the configuration:

How to program an RCA control with the CODE SEARCH button

If you are lucky enough to have this button, the process will be very easy. You can search for the code automatically or manually enter suggested codes for Samsung TVs.

How to program an RCA control. Automatic search with CODE SEARCH button:

This process is perhaps the simplest of all. To program your universal remote control you just have to:

  1. Press and hold the CODE SEARCH button until the red light on the remote control lights up.
  2. Press the TV button that appears on top of the remote. When you do, the light will blink once and then stay on.
  3. While that light remains on, you must press the ON / OFF button once. You will most likely notice the red light on your controller blink and stay on. This is because the automatic search mode is running . Each press of this button will test one of the RCA universal control codes available for a Samsung TV.
  4. Keep pressing the ON / OFF key until your TV turns off. This means that the code has been found and the key is fulfilling its function and your control is already configured.

How to Program an RCA Universal Remote for a Samsung TV Manually

If you have at hand the list of codes that comes by default in the remote control packaging or consult the RCA website , you will find a few options to configure your control to your TV. We have already anticipated this step, so here we leave you the 12 options for Samsung TV that appear on their site with which you can try your luck: 10812, 10587, 10054, 10060, 10702, 10178, 10030, 10056, 10482, 10618, 10650, 11249.

  1. Press the CODE SEARCH button until the light comes on.
  2. Press the TV key to indicate that the equipment you want to configure is a television.
  3. Use the numeric keyboard to enter any of the codes that we left you previously. Upon entering the last digit of the chosen code, the light will turn off indicating that you must test if the control has been configured successfully . If the TV responds to your commands, you've finished your task. Otherwise, go back to the initial step. Repeat as many times as necessary until you find the correct code.

How to program an RCA universal remote automatically without the CODE SEARCH button

Most RCA universal controls have the CODE SEARCH button on the top, but not having it or not working does not affect or limit your configuration with any unit. There is a different process for these types of cases.

  1. With your TV turned on and your RCA control in hand, press the TV key for about 5 seconds until the red light comes on. Release the button.
  2. Press the TV and ON / OFF buttons at the same time until the light turns off and then on again. At that point, you can stop pressing them.
  3. Press the PLAY button. In the next five seconds you will see the indicator light blink 10 times and after that your TV should turn off. If not, press the PLAY button again and wait again. Repeat this process until the TV turns off; this indicates that the code has been found.
  4. To turn the TV back on and verify that the settings were done correctly, press the REVERSE key.
  5. When you turn on your television, it is essential that you press the STOP key to save the new settings.


  • The ten flashes of the light are due to the automatic search running , each of which tests one of the 10 codes in a list. If the TV does not turn off after the flashing ends, press the button again to go to the next list until you find the correct code.
  • During an automatic search, if the light blinks only 4 times and turns off, it means that the process has ended because you have already searched all the lists for a possible code without finding one. It may be that there is no code compatible with the equipment. It would be wise to try another method.
  • Regardless of how you program the RCA control to the Samsung TV, don't forget to save the settings (ENTER or STOP, depending on the case) and test basic functionalities such as the volume to verify that it is already in perfect working order.
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