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Your Time Warner cable remote can be used with electronic devices other than cable equipment. The remote can also control a Sharp LCD TV. This will give you the option of THE setting aside the remote control for the Sharp LCD and you can only use the remote control of the Time Warner cable remote to operate the cable box and the television. Before you can use the Time Warner control with any Sharp television, you must first program the remote with the television.

Step 1

Turn on the Sharp LCD TV.

Step 2

Point the Time Warner cable remote control at the Sharp TV. Keep doing this throughout the entire process.

Step 3

Press and hold the "TV" button on the Time Warner remote. Press and hold the button for about four seconds and the light on the remote will turn on.

Step 4

Enter one of the Sharp codes using the Time Warner remote control. According to the manual, codes 014, 081, 028, 019, 004, 081, 143, 022, 029, 236, 175 and 251 can be used for Sharp TVs.

Step 5

Press the "TV" button on the Time Warner control once more. If you do, you will save the code.

Step 6

Test the Time Warner control by pressing the other buttons on the remote. If the remote function does not work with the Sharp remote, please reset the whole process and try a different code.

110,660 points
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