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What is Backend Technology?

The backend technology makes it possible for you to manage the web server and the database of the web application. The simplest example of a backend Technology would be once you read a blog or any information website on the web . The fonts, the UI, images pictures extra constitute the front of the appliance , while the online server from where the knowledge is being rendered, and therefore the content management system from where the information is being fetched is considered the back end of the application and this particularly forms the backend Technology.

Examples of Backend Technologies

The backend Technology has evolved tons and now there are various frameworks and tools that are available that creates backend technology development possible also as in easy and effective. Technology is natural Ruby, Python, ASP.Net, Java, JavaScript, PHP all Make it possible to design effective and efficient cooperation and coordination interfaces that help users manage the backend of the application.


PHP is one among the foremost mature and able Technologies that's known to man since the dawn of your time . This technology helps you to not only create the front end but also the back end of the application as well. PHP is being used in over 80% of the websites and applications that are being designed. PHP is a prominent technology that enables developers and programmers to create web application and website pretty easily and effectively. The skills and concepts involved in order to create a web application can be easily understood by many Php programmers and developers pretty easily and effectively.

Benefits of using PHP


  • PHP powers 80% of the websites used over the internet.
  • PHP open source and free to use by all
  • various content management systems such as wordpress, Magento, Drupal are created using PHP.
  • there are many third party frameworks and tools developed using PHP.
  • PHP makes it possible to manage the aspects of database as well as the admin aspects of the web application print easily and effectively.
  • PHP is straightforward to find out and understand and may be wont to be embedded in HTML pages
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