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C++ create array of size n

posted Jul 20, 2020 1 min read

Instructions to make a cluster from client contribution to C

Program to make an exhibit from client contribution to C utilizing dynamic memory assignment with malloc function. This program will make a whole number cluster by allotting memory of size entered by a client utilizing malloc work and components of the exhibit will be a contribution by the client. Thusly a cluster can be made of any length.

Program Description:

The program will solicit the client to enter the size from the exhibit and the program will dispense memory of all outsize = number of components * size of 1 int.

The program will distribute the memory and afterward request that the client enter components to fill the cluster. Inside a circle, all components will be perused by scanf function, and worth will be put away in the exhibit at a particular opening number for example estimation of I variable in the program. The cluster will be printed and memory apportioned will be liberated utilizing free() work.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
	int i,NoOfElements;
	int *arr;//array pointer

	//How many elements you want to store in array?
	printf("How many elements? Enter the size: ");
	//Store size into variable n

	//allocate memory dynamically with of 
	//total size = NoOfElements* size of 1 integer i.e. sizeof(int)

	//malloc returns void pointer,means points to nothing
	//typecast it to int* as we want to store int values

	//Check memory is allocated successfully
	//if fails return from the program.
		return 1;//memory allocation fails - return from here

	printf("Enter %d elements",NoOfElements);

	//fill the array with elements by
	//reading from console screen
	for (i=0; i<NoOfElements; ++i){

	//display the array	
	printf("Array elements are:\n");
	for(i=0;i < NoOfElements;i++){

	//free the memory
	return 0;


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