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5 ways for a quick Data Analysis Report:

  • Excel Pivot Tables:

Excel is the most widely known tool for data analysis. Everybody in some point in their career has definitely got their hands on with excel. In every company, people instantly do data processing and validation using excel. But there is something we could also do to with Excel. That is, a Pivot table that summarizes the data of a more extensive table like format(i.e. data analysis report with pivot charts).

  • Dashbaords using Tableau:

Tableau is another widely known tool that can help anyone see and understand their data. This tool connects with any database of your choice. We can develop data dashboard or story boards by drag and drop feature without having to code.

  • Pandas Profiling using Python:

Pandas profiling is an instant way to create an exploratory data analysis report. You only have to install the packages and make sure it is up and running.

  • Data Explorer using R:

R is widely known as programming language for statistical computing and graphics. Over the last 5 years, I have personally used R for several data analysis tasks and machine learning models. It is a package created to automate data exploration and treatment.

  • KNIME Analytics Platform:

Knime is an analytics platform that is used to productionalize Data Science in an Open Source Enivironment. People have been using the tool for very automation techniques by integrating various components for ML and Data mining. The tool allows the developer to use nodes blending different data sources, including preprocessing for data analysis, modeling and visualization with or without any high level programming.

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