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Internet of things(IOT) can be integrated with separate domains like Big data,Cyber physical systems,cloud storage and cloud computing.
IOT connects embedded systems like sensors,softwares etc which embedded in robots,smart vehicles,smart watches,smart fire alarm,smart security with the internet and cloud.Nodes(phsical devices or sensors) which connect themselves and send information on the internet or cloud.So it will become cyber phsical system and data stored on cloud includes cloud computing.Big data ,cloud computing like advance technolgies also comes in the picture due to IOT.Because IOT helps to exchange data/information of physical devices over internet and leads a global communication all over the world.
Moreover,IOT makes our life lot of easier than previous.Due to intergration of cloud , we nee not to worry for backup and easily handle by applications.Smart home and smart city are the epitome examples of IOT.


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