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This statement is TRUE.

C++ does not provide any built in datatype for storing strings of characters.There is a built-in data type called string which stores sequence of characters.It is just like other primitive datatypes such as: int,float,bool etc but the difference is that it stores only sequence of characters and closed in double quotes like this “abcd”.You can understand in other way like there is array having characters in each block.Array is a derived datatype because it derived from primitive datatype(string).

Primitive Datatypes:int,bool,float,double,char etc.

Derived Datatypes:Array,function,pointer etc.


// Include the string library
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(){
// Create a string variable
string demo = "KodLogs";// string datatype having sequence of characters.

// Output string value
cout << demo;



100 points