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Today we will see in our website kodlogs how we work in the dictionary in Python. Friends, you will have heard the name of the dictionary most of the time. There are keys in the dictionary. Next it means value. This kind of data structure was also given to us by Python.  The dictionary makes the argument of many things very easy. 

The dictionary we use in Python when I have a record of a man. So we can save all the records in the dictionary. One thing at a time.  I have to make a dictionary to make it. When we use a dictionary in a programming language, it is very important to take a variable. These brackets { } indicate that we have opened the dictionary. When we print.  If we learn to use the increment and decrement operator in the dictionary, then increment is always added to the variable. If the value in the variable is 0, it will make it -1. prefix+postfix. A ++, b ++, c ++ / ++1,++b ,++c.They add one. If it is 0 then it decreases to -1. This is called decrement. Let's see an example.


a = 12
>>> print(a)

>>> a += 1
>>> print(a)

>>> a += 100
>>> print(a)