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Data is not replicated across multiple data centers in Locally Reductant Storage(LRS)type of storage.Three copies of data are maintained in locally reductant storage.These LRS replication options are cheap and durable but major drawback is that these all three copies of data are unrecoverable if datacentre disaster happen.

Azure storage always replicate or store the copies of data in storage unit in order to ensure its protectivity from unplanned failure,outage or massive natural disaster.We can choose redundacy option according to our costs and higher availablity.

  1. How can your data is replicated in primary region?
  2. Can your data is replicated in secondary region that is geographically distant to primary region?
  3. Should provide read access to replicated data in secondary region if data is not available in primary region for some reason?

Local Reductant Storage(LRS) replicates the data within a single data centre in primary region.It provides atleast 99.999999% durability of data.It is the lowest cost redundacy and yet least durable from all azure redundacy methods.If any type of disaster take place in primary region then data cannot recover from the disaster.To mitigate the risk azure suggests Zone Reductant Storage(ZRS),Geo Reductant Storage(GRS) or Geo-Zone Reductant Storage(GZRS).If your application is restricted to replicating data only within a country or region due to data governance requirements, you may go for LRS option.

I attached one diagram in which you can see that how data is replicating in a single data center.