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A badly engineered printer is attributable to kickstarting the free code revolution. Despite the actual fact that tested and universal protocols square measure unnoticed for several years, printer and scanner makers still reinvent the wheel. As a consequence, you will encounter a printer or scanner that doesn't appear to suit your OS currently then.

This recently occurred to the American state with a Canon 3-in-1 scanner (the Canon Maxify MB2720). With ASCII text file, I want to be able to solve the scanner's perplexity. to make the scanner obtainable on my network, I created a Samba share.

The Samba project could also be a Linux and UNIX system ability series of programs. Despite the actual fact that the app is particularly low-level programming that loads of individuals ne'er have an effect on, it makes it straightforward to exchange files over your native network, regardless of that network's square measure used.

These directions square measure for trilby, however, they need to work any RPM-based Linux distribution. For alternative distributions, minor changes square measure typically required. Here's however I went concerning doing it.

Get the Canon tools

Canon's website has the desired Windows Canon fast Utility tool case program. Since it is the sole due to customize the printer's destination folder position and credentials, the program is needed. you may not need to use the platform once more unless you'd wish to kind a modification when {this is|this is typical |this can be} often finished.

You must 1st produce a Samba share on your Linux machine or server before configuring the printer. Samba square measure typically put in victimization the following command:

$ sudo dnf -y install samba

Create /etc/smb.conf file with the following content:


workgroup = WORKGROUP

netbios name = MYSERVER

security = user


min protocol = CORE


ntlm auth = affirmative

passdb backend = tdbsam

printing = cups

printcap name = cups

load printers = no

cups choices = raw

hosts enable = 127. 192.168.33.

max smbd processes = a thousand


comment = Home Directories

valid users = yuletide, %D%w%S

browseable = No

writable = affirmative

read solely = No

inherit acls = affirmative


comment = MB2720 SCANS

path = /mnt/SCANS

public = affirmative

writable = affirmative

browseable = affirmative

printable = no

force user = eveningwear

create mask = 770


Shift the username from eveningwear to your own among the force user line at the very best.

Unfortunately, higher-level Server Message Block (SMB) protocols like CORE or NTML authentication v2 would not work with the Canon printer. As a result, the Samba share should be equipped with the foremost recent implementations of the SMB protocol and NTML authentication. {this is|this is typical |this can be} often far from good, as a result of its security ramifications, therefore I saw a special Samba server only for the scanner. SMB protocol three and NTML authentication v2 are also utilized by my alternative Samba server, which shares all home networked information.

Start and activate the Samba server service for restart:

$ sudo systemctl begin smb

$ sudo systemctl modify smb

Create a Samba user

Create your Samba user and a watchword for it:

$ sudo smbpasswd -a eveningwear

Enter your watchword at the prompt.

Assuming you'd wish to mount your Samba scans on a Linux system, you'd wish to attempt to to some of steps.

Create a Samba shopper credentials file. Mine appears like this:

$ sudo cat /root/smb-credentials.txt



Change the permissions so as that it's not world-readable:

$ sudo chmod 640 /root/smb-credentials.txt

Create a mount purpose and add it to /etc/fstab:

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/MB2720-SCANS


Add the following line into your /etc/fstab:

// /mnt/MB2720-SCANS cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/root/smb-credentials.txt,gid=1000,uid=1000,_netdev zero zero

Configure the Canon code

This uses CIFS to place within the Samba sharing scans to the new mount purpose, forcing SMBv3 and victimization the username and watchword contained in /root/smb-credetials.txt. The user's community symbol (GID) and user symbol (UID) square measure each passed, granting you full possession of the Linux mount. Since this mount permits networking to be reached, the _netdev possibility is needed such the mount purpose is put in when networking is completely usable (after a construct, for example).

You'll need to open the Canon fast Utility tool case to tack the printer currently that you've got engineered the Samba share, designed it on the server, and designed it to be put in on your Linux shopper. This move includes Windows as a result of Canon does not have this tool case for Linux. you will strive to run it on WINE, however, if that fails, you may have to be compelled to borrow a Windows device or use GNOME Boxes or VirtualBox to run a Windows developer virtual machine.

Start the Canon quick Utility tool case when turning on the printer. It ought to be able to find your printer. If it cannot realize your printer, you may got to line it up for LAN or wireless networking 1st.

In the tool case, click on Destination Folder Settings.

Enter the printer administration watchword—my default password was canon.

Click the Add button.

Fill throughout a Displayed Name, Samba sharing venue, and Samba username and watchword on the form.

I left the PIN Code blank, however, you will set one if you'd wish to would like a PIN whenever you scan from the printer. In an associate degree workplace wherever everybody has their own Samba share and PIN to secure their scans, this might be useful.

Click affiliation to take a look at it to validate the form information.

Click the OK button.

Click Register to Printer innumerable|to avoid wasting} lots of your configuration back to the printer.

Everything is concerning up. Click Exit. you are through with Windows currently, and likely the tool case, unless you'd wish to vary one thing.

Start scanning

You can currently search from the printer's LCD menu and opt for your Destination Folder. Scans square measure mechanically saved to a Samba share merely|that you just} simply will read from your Linux machine.

For convenience, produce a symbolic link on your Linux desktop or home directory with the following command:

$ sudo ln -sd /mnt/MB2720-SCANS /home/tux/Desktop/MB2720-SCANS

That's all there is to it!