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What is the 408 Request Timeout Error

The 408 Request Timeout error is an HTTP response status code that is part of the client error responses. It is a message sent directly for the server to the client that indicates that the server did not receive a proper or complete request coming from the client within the time limit it is supposed to come in. 


The cause of this error could be coming from either the client’s side or the server’s side. On the client’s side, the client could have entered a wrong URL so the server would be trying to search for that URL for a longer period than necessary which will end up sending this error as a response. On the server’s side, the server could be having an issue such as being misconfigured or could be improperly handling the requests from the clients.


I will give you some ways that could help fixing this error from happening, but it is important for you to backup the application, the database and all other components before trying anything so that you can revert to the previous settings in case something goes wrong.


How to fix the 408 Request Timeout Error 


On the Client side

  • Checking the requested URL – This is the easiest way to try to fix this error. You as a client, you could input the wrong URL and due to the security of the server, it will try to authenticate the requested URL to make sure the client does not access un-authorized resources. The URL will be sent to another proxy server that deals with authentication.
  • Reversing to a previous update –  You could have updated the content management system right before receiving this error, so one option could be reverting back to the previous version. This also applies to any recent extensions that you have installed or upgraded, they could be the cause of the error.

On the server side

  • Looking through Logs –  One of the things that you can do to find what is causing the error is going through the server side logs to see all the details provided by them and through that figuring out the cause.
  • Debugging the code of the app – This a way of figuring out the issue, but it is a sort of last resort. You will have to check the code or scripts of the app and try to find the cause, it could be due to recent code that you added or custom code.  

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